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Sessions can either be conducted at Reach Fitness Gym (Clapham, SW London), or at a mutually agreeable location. Session times are subject to my availability and will be arranged directly after purchase

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Whether you need injury rehabilitation, mobility training or your goal is performance or aesthetically driven, my varied service offering can help you achieve your objectives in whatever environment you feel most comfortable



As humans we are designed to move - it is a development process our health depends upon. Nowadays however, many of us are stuck in daily routines which may not be beneficial to our body (i.e. a desk job) but are unsure what to do to combat this hindrance on our mobility. The key is how you prioritise your time outside of the office. My goal is to educate people, and through using a ‘joint by joint approach’ I am able to obtain a better assessment of each of my clients’ strengths, weaknesses and any imbalances. I adopt the same principle for both injury rehab and performance driven clients. It is my belief that training should be a balance of want vs. need, and it is my job to recognise what each client needs in line with their goals



Based in South West London, I offer 1:1, couples OR group Personal Training sessions, tailored around the specific needs of each client. IF YOU ARE WITHIN THE GREATER LONDON AREA PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO GET IN TOUCH



“Working with Harvey has redefined my perspective on fitness. His emphasis on mobility serves as a welcome deviation from the unfortunate fitness mantra cascaded all over social media where aesthetics is king and given higher priority than actual fundamentals of movement. With that being said, I have seen dramatic fat loss/muscle composition working with Harvey, but it has been a process which was laid on a foundation of proper technique and mobility. Having been born with erbs palsy (injury to the upper group of nerves) on my left arm, my range of motion has always been limited. Harv has worked with me on this limitation and I am now doing things I never thought I could do (deadlifts, back squats) and as I write this my arms are so sore because today I was able to do my first overhead press after months of targeted mobility work. I could not recommend Harv enough.” - DANIEL KHAN