Why can’t you be a serious runner without the preconceived body type?

Why can’t you be lean, continue pushing weights and not get injured when running?


  • How RSR can help

    Do you love running and the gym in equal part, but don’t know how to strike balance with your training to make gains across both?

    Or maybe you’re a regular gym-goer who has recently started running and are looking for support with your transition to incorporate both?

    Or perhaps you’re a runner looking to implement strength work into your training for both running performance and aesthetic development?

    Since launch, RSR has helped runners all over the world to accelerate their running performance and build an aesthetic and athletic physique in the process. Whether your goal is a 5km PB or to tread into new distance territories, RSR offers the ultimate hybrid training programme for runners.

  • A Winning Formula

    RSR offers a blend of William Goodge’s favoured bodybuilding-style training, combined with The Movement Blueprint’s functional strength training ethos – the winning formula that has seen Will achieve a list of incredible challenges injury-free. Will’s professional career has seen him pivot from performance rugby to aesthetic fitness modelling and ultra endurance running. RSR delivers the same training methodology that Will has used throughout his adult life, enabling him to seem ‘too big to run ultras’, but who has in fact run the 875-mile length of the UK in 16 days, run 48 marathons in 30 days and most recently run the distance around Lake Como in less than 24 hours. With RSR, you can now have access to this same set of tools – whatever your running goal.

RSR Training plans

  • RSR: 5-10KM

    WHAT: An 8-week all-encompassing running and strength programme.

    TRAINING: 3 x gym-based sessions + 3 x running sessions per week.

    WHO FOR: The runner looking to build resilience, power, speed and muscle mass in pursuit of PBs up to 10km.

  • RSR: 21.1KM

    WHAT: A 10-week all-encompassing running and strength programme for those training for a Half Marathon.

    TRAINING: 3 x gym-based sessions + 3 x running sessions per week.

    WHO FOR: The performance-driven runner looking to build tolerance to fatigue and speed endurance whilst maintaining their athletic frame.

  • RSR: 42.2KM

    WHAT: A 12-week all-encompassing running and strength programme for those training for a Marathon.

    TRAINING: 2 x gym-based sessions + 4 x running sessions per week (+ 1 x optional extra run/bodybuilding session).

    WHO FOR: The performance-driven runner looking to excel, leave bumps in their training behind and focus on achieving new levels of performance within endurance running.


    WHAT: An 8-week run-specific strength programme designed to compliment mileage.

    TRAINING: 3 x gym-based sessions per week.

    WHO FOR: The keen runner looking to build strength, muscle, power and tolerance to level up their running performance.


App-based training programmes designed by The Movement Blueprint & William Goodge
Increase your running resilience and performance
Enjoy training weeks that combine running and hypertrophy principles
Video demos and instruction of all strength exercises included
The programme is yours for life! Repeat and progress your performance
RSR is suitable for runners of varying abilities, however we recommend that you are confident and comfortable running 5-10km+. It would be advantageous, but not essential, if you have some experience of interval/tempo sessions.
Each RSR programme also requires that you have experience and confidence to perform the following movement patterns;
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    Sarah Loftus
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    Michael Jennings
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Meet The Expert Team Behind RSR

William Goodge

Former Rugby Player, Fitness Model, Ultra Endurance Runner & World Record Holder.

Harvey Lawton

Founder of The Movement Blueprint, Hybrid Athlete & Pioneer Of New Age Training For Endurance Athletes.

Ben Poole

Performance & Nutrition Coach, Hybrid Athlete & Ultra X 125 England 2022 Winner.

Charlie Osborne

The Run Yard Endurance Runner (2:47 Marathon), Running Coach.

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