Meet the TEAM
Harvey Lawton
Founder & CEO
Sarah Hart
Founder & Brand Director
Ben Poole
Performance & Nutrition Coach
Luke Buttle
Performance Coach

About Us

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is simple;

    To deliver effective online coaching to ambitious people all over the world.

    To help everyone we work with unlock their greatest potential and to see what they are truly capable of.

  • Our Values

    Quality: What we do, we do exceptionally well.

    Integrity: What we promise, we deliver.

    Leadership: What we believe is possible, we pioneer through innovation.

    Performance: With our expertise, we give you the runway.

    Impact: With our commitment, we change lives.

  • Our Driver

    As a collective, our community share a pursuit to be better.

    Together with our guidance and expertise, their ambition and commitment is what sees them achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Who we work with

Charlie Jones
12 February 2024
I recently hosted a coaches seminar for myself & some local likeminded coaches. I found the seminar super immersive and impactful through the conversations had on a flexible yet still methodological approach to training. All my previous CPD's have been very strict on both conversations & take homes leaving me with a sense of tick box, one-way programming style of coaching. With the size of the group to dive deep into questions & insight into the MBP style of coaching I now feel I have cemented tools to be adaptive, responsive to what a client presents. I can't recommend Harvey and his coaches enough if you're looking to up-skill as a coach.
Kyle Faulkner
12 February 2024
Recently attended a seminar with Harvey, talking about all things coaching, programming, in session strategies etc. Can’t recommend this enough, delivery and the knowledge given throughout allowed me to take away a lot in a short amount of time. Thank you!
Annemarie Duyst
17 January 2024
A few months ago I started with MBP to train for my marathon and they made me do it! From the start they gave me the feeling that they were there for me. My goal was their goal and I’ve learned so much about training, mobility but also fuel for training and how to optimise this. I really loved working with them and I would definitely recommend them.
Kim Rowles
24 December 2023
MBP has really allowed me to understand the importance of not only lifting heavy and being fit, but also the role and importance of mobility and prep work which has started to become my favourite part of training. The MBP team trumps any other programme, especially on this front and I feel proud to be a part of it. MBP has allowed me to better understand my body, its weaknesses and really trusting in a programme. Alongside the incredible programming, what an amazing community they have built which no doubt is only going to get better. My biggest training wins have to be consistency and accountability, two things I have never achieved before joining MBP. Cant wait to see what 2024 brings! Congrats Sarah and Harvey! Kim
Ross McIntyre
23 December 2023
Having been with the MBP team for a number of years, I can’t recommend them enough! MBP has totally transformed my training. I’ve always had structure in my training but has been the cornerstone to me moving better, lifting better / heavier without impacting any of my running / cycling etc. Not only this but the way they build in prep work and primers to the workouts is world class, leading to a more effective workout, which is proven through the fact I’ve been injury free for years as a result. World class coaches and set up 💪🏼
Benedicte C.
15 November 2023
I have had the privilege of working with Luke over the past few months, and I am grateful for the support and expertise he has provided. Luke has been an absolute superstar. Luke demonstrated a great level of empathy, therefore created and nurtured a trusting coaching relationship. What truly sets Luke apart is his expertise. He not only possesses an in-depth understanding of the anything training and biomechanic related but also has the knack for pushing you in the right direction. Luke's guidance has been instrumental in helping me navigate challenges and make informed decisions. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking a combination of empathy and expert guidance. Thank you.
Jonathan Davies
26 September 2023
Brilliant service. The team fully prepped me for my 572km multi day run event. No stone was left unturned. Well structured gym training plan that complimented by running training and an in-depth nutrition program during training and my event.
Daniel Dunphy
21 September 2023
Can’t thank Luke and everyone at the movement blueprint enough. The bespoke 1-1 training i received was fantastic. Every week was tailored to my needs and Luke was ready to help at any time. Not only did I gain strength and fitness , but I also the gained confidence and knowledge in my training. Would highly recommend this service to anyone at any level !!
imogen low
20 September 2023
From constantly getting injuries and losing my love for running, to discovering MBP and crossing the line of my first ultra marathon all in the space of 16 weeks. Amazing support throughout - I can’t fault it. I've progressed like I never thought I could, learnt so much and achieved what I didn't think possible. Ben was the best coach every step of the way - thank you 🙌🏽
Ami Jewell
20 September 2023
I could not reckon Ben and the movement blueprint highly enough! I was part of the MBP team that trained for Ultra X England 50km. Ben took us through 16 weeks of training. I’m always injured so to get through a tough 16 weeks injury-free I’m entirely putting down to an incredible, well thought out running plan and strength and conditioning training. Not only the programming but Ben was there for advice, questions, and extra details throughout the process. Not only that but he went above and beyond and came all the way up to the Peak District to support our event! I couldn’t be more grateful, huge huge thank you to Ben !