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Personalised coaching to get you exactly where you want to be

Unparalleled personalised coaching

If you’re committed, ambitious and want to build a high-performing body, 1-1 coaching will see you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Prepare to unlock your full potential through an all-encompassing training, nutrition and lifestyle roadmap – built specifically for you!

Nothing will trump the expert-led guidance and support offered within MBP 1-1 Bespoke Coaching – a programme developed entirely around you, your life and designed to give you the tools to truly thrive. Whether you have a race in the calendar, an injury that has been holding you back, or you simply want to use this year to level up, on your terms, our industry-leading Coaching Team are here to prioritise your progress.

If you are at the point of wanting more, wanting long-lasting freedom from injury, or wanting to truly unleash your athletic potential or sporting performance – 1-1 Bespoke Coaching with MBP is the answer.

We are renowned for building strong, resilient and powerful bodies through world-class performance-based training and nutrition coaching. We understand that everyone is unique and needs their own personalised roadmap to perform at their best.

Within your first 90 days of 1-1 coaching, we guarantee the following..

You will:

– Gain the utmost confidence that your training is aligned with your goals and exactly what you need to get you there.
– See tangible improvement within your movement competency, strength and fitness.
– Gain greater knowledge, confidence and clarity around how to approach your nutrition in a way that will serve you as you want it to.
– Feel fully supported by the MBP Coaching Team, as well as the wider Community.

What does this mean? It means 2, 3, 4 or 5 sessions per week delivered to you each day that your Coach has programmed for you – based on your available equipment, the goals you’ve mapped out together and around the commitments you already have Monday through Sunday. Your Coach will leave you specific cues to ensure you get the most out of every movement and every workout, and will be on hand ready to hear how it went, answer any questions or offer you solutions as and when challenges in your schedule appear. The biggest thing to remember is that your Coach has taken the time to write your programme specifically with you in mind – and therefore wants you as an individual to succeed.

To start, your coaching programme will meet you where you are. Over time, your Coach will evolve your programme in line with your progression. Through your ongoing comms and monthly performance reviews, you’ll chat through what’s going well and any areas that may require greater focus – areas that may ordinarily get overlooked without the close eye of your Coach. As a programme that’s designed personally for you, your Coach will consider not only the physical commitment but the mental requirements of the task in hand. This means you can always feel assured that your training volume is both considered and safe, yet vastly effective.

Full clarity over what you are doing and why
When we feel a sense of purpose, we naturally feel a sense of pride to get something done – and done well. 1-1 Coaching is a two-way process and is as much about the Coach providing the programme as it is about the Client completing it – and completing it with intent. The more you work cohesively with your Coach, the more you will learn about the process, about your body, about exercises that benefit more than just the gym-based aspects of your life, and about the training that will get you to that start line, reach that level of performance or achieve that physique goal.

njoyment of the process and achieving what you set out to
Training should never be a slog or considered a chore – it should be one of your favourite times of the day that you dedicate to bettering yourself. Knowing you aren’t wasting time training for anyone other than yourself will bring a new wave of motivation, contentment and sense of satisfaction with every session you complete. As a result you’ll begin to become more connected than ever with your training journey, fall (back) in love with all aspects of health and fitness, and will be exposed to a level of coaching that has the power to quite literally change your life. *We’ve seen this many times over, and the testimonials we receive from our 1-1 clients continue to speak for themselves.

A friend

On a professional level, your Coach wants to get to know you – they want to understand your stressors, they want to be in-the-know with your schedule and they want to understand what really drives you. Why? Because this allows your Coach to offer you full support, be reactive with your coaching and for your passion to become their passion for you. Our  1-1 Bespoke Coaching package is designed to empower you, help you implement positive lifestyle changes, and help you consistently prioritise your goals and what’s important to you. As mentioned above, 1-1 Coaching isn’t a one-way process, but the result of working together will see you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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1-1 Bespoke Coaching PACKAGES


    – Struggling with injuries (knee, shoulder, back)?
    – Seeking expert mid-late stage rehab post surgery?
    – Looking to rebuild after an endurance event?

    Through precise exercise prescription, we will help you overcome limitation, eliminate fear and regain confidence in your body’s abilities to perform.


    – Looking to transition into functional fitness?
    – Prepping for an event (e.g. HYROX, Turf Games, Athx)?
    – Looking to take your training to the next level?

    Through a fully bespoke training roadmap, we will help you fully transform your training, performance, passion and ability to conquer whatever you set your mind to.

  • RUN

    – Prepping for a race or event?
    – Looking to elevate your performance through training and nutrition?
    – Looking to strike balance between running and strength training?

    Through unparalleled expertise, we will help you become a stronger, faster and more efficient runner – whatever the distance or terrain.


    – Looking to reverse the ageing process through strength training?
    – Wanting to regain confidence in your body and prioritise your health?
    – Seeking accountability and direction to feel and look better?

    Through simple coaching that focusses on strength, progressive mobility and improving your cardiovascular health, we will provide you with a full body MOT to rid any frustrating niggles, allow age to feel just a number, and help your find daily purpose through movement.

  • Working with MBP has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Harvey has tailored my training to tick all the boxes – I’ve made huge progress across the board.
    Bobby Quinn
  • Best experience I’ve had with anyone. From the early stages post op right up to comp prep – everything has been structured and helped me get back fitter and stronger than I was before the injury.
    Matt Turner
  • I feel like I’m improving week on week – training in the gym is really playing dividends on the course. Played a tennis match today – probably two of the best matches I’ve ever played.
    Nicola Milburn
  • Thank you so much for all of the support! Had an amazing race and nutrition on point! 3:26:10 so absolutely smashed my target!
    Hannah Davies
  • Felt a lot stronger these last few months and loving training as always. Never thought I’d carry on this long but now couldn’t imagine not training with you guys, I really do love it!
    Samantha Jones
  • The sessions are the best I have ever experienced… I have progressed my strength and fitness month on month
    Alex O’Shea
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  • I really enjoyed the process and am very grateful to MBP. Because of them I ran my first marathon!
    Annemarie Duyst
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