The HYROX programme that gives you serious COMPETITIVE EDGE

If you’re after some HYROX unfair advantage, it’s called The Movement Blueprint” – Malcolm; World Champs qualifier 2023

HYROX may look simple on paper, but it all comes down to how well you can handle the fatigue as you work through each station.. The event requires strength, cardiovascular fitness/running and endurance in equal measure. Whilst the skill of the specific movements is key, these certainly shouldn’t be the only exercises within your training if your goal is to complete the race unbroken.

That’s why we created The HYROX Blueprint™ – an all-encompassing training plan that will get you in the best physical shape to perform come race day! There is no such thing as a fast-track podium spot, but put the hard yards into your training and we’ll ensure you’re ready to perform – whatever your division.

The HYROX Blueprint™ will provide you with everything you need to get race-ready in 10 weeks; from running performance to HYROX-specific strength work. The programme includes 3 run-based sessions and 2 strength sessions each week for 10 weeks, designed to see you build strength, speed, skill and efficiency. The final week of the programme is a taper week to ensure you’re fresh, primed and ready to go ahead of your event!

Whilst the programme will incorporate the specific HYROX elements, it is designed to develop your event performance through targeted strength training and structured conditioning work. The goal is to see you build capacity and resistance to fatigue, to enable you to successfully chase down your target time.

The programme requires access to a sled, wall balls and ergs, in addition to standard gym equipment.

The HYROX Blueprint™ is designed to serve both everyday and elite athletes – it requires competence across the key movement patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull and carry), and we recommend you are comfortable running 5-10km.

Whether you’re signing up to your first HYROX event or are a seasoned pro looking to podium and secure your spot at World Champs, this programme will get you in your best physical shape!

The HYROX event is made up of 8 x 1km runs and 8 x functional workout stations [SkiErg, Sled Push, Sled Pull, Burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Famers Carries, Sandbag Walking Lunges and Wall Balls]. The goal is to complete the full workout in the fastest time possible – a challenge that has become mildly addictive and competitive around the world.

HYROX has become a regular event within the MBP community calendar, globally. With our Coaching Team and many of our community qualifying for World Championship spots, to all those scoring podium finishes. The Movement Blueprint have the tools, know-how and tried and tested expertise to see you excel in the HYROX World!

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5 x 60-90 minute sessions per week
Includes: 3 running sessions/week
Includes: 2 strength sessions/week
PLUS: Demo videos + additional coaching tips
Once purchased, the programme is yours to keep and repeat!
Buy now £99
Run your strongest race yet with The HYROX Blueprint™