The TRAIN programme is a fusion of functional movement, strength training, cardiovascular fitness and aesthetic development, designed for any fitness enthusiast.

It offers a progressive approach to training that will see you build a strong and functional physique, burn fat and improve across all areas of your fitness.

App-based coaching

As a member, you will gain access to our all-encompassing coaching app where your training sessions will be delivered each week. By entering your own personal benchmarks and previous PBs, we will provide you with bespoke weight targets for your key lifts to ensure your continual progression.


5 X 45-60 minute training sessions per week
Log your weights / progress each session
Demo videos plus additional coaching tips
Supportive and social online community group
Option to see where you stack up on our leaderboard
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£59 / MONTH
  • The training is a different level to what your average coach would program – it’s so unique and clever
    Matt Brazier
  • The mix of exercises and rep structure keeps things interesting and I leave every session feeling like I’ve worked hard
    Maisie Kilner
  • TRAIN has given my training structure, purpose and I’ve never felt stronger – big up the community for keeping me honest on the daily!
    Sarah Hart
  • In 2 months I’ve gone from 45kg back squats to 60kg – this programme is bringing out strength I’ve never seen before!
    Kim Rowles
  • The Movement Blueprint and their TRAIN programme are absolutely first class.
    Jed Milward

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