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James Cutter
29 April 2024
I signed up to the MBP 1-1 platform after I got a place at the 2024 Marathon Des Sables. The 252km multi stage challenge in the Sahara Desert was always going to be an extremely difficult challenge, and I was eager to use a coach that got me in the best possible shape to compete the “hardest foot race on earth.” The guidance, knowledge, and constant check-ins I received during the 1-1 programme was second to none. From over coming an injury, which prevented me from running further than 5km without having to stop, to completing 252km within a 17-week programme goes to show how great the MBP team is, and I can’t thank them enough. I would 100% recommend their platform.
Lewis Hudd
29 April 2024
Working with Ben and Harvey at the Movement Blueprint was an exceptional experience as I sought to push my limits and tackle a marathon. Their unparalleled attention to detail and guidance helped me transform from someone who had never run more than 5km, due to playing rugby, to comfortably conquering 15km. Not only did my endurance improve, but my strength also saw significant gains, with personal bests leading up to the marathon and successfully completing the Manchester Marathon. I cannot commend the coaching and expertise of the team enough, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services for coaching.
India Roberts
25 April 2024
I cannot thank you enough for the Strong Runners Blueprint programme, it is UNREAL!!! Obviously I feel tired and stiff post marathon but no niggles and I've recovered like never before. I felt so strong crossing that finishing line with a 14 minute PB of 2.58!!! SRB played a big part in that. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing programme and your dedication, commitment and expertise as coaches, you are all absolutely epic! I trust you guys so much and I am so excited to continue working together ❤️ Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
Tom McMahon
25 April 2024
A BIG thanks to Luke at Movement Blueprint for helping me conquer my first ever marathon in London in just over 4 hours! Luke's dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping me reach new personal limits - both mentally and physically. His tailored approach, including navigating some injury setbacks, instilled in me a sense of confidence and determination. As I reflect on the countless miles we've logged, this marathon is just the beginning. The process has driven significant personal growth and self-development and so we move on to the next one! 🫡
India Paine
24 April 2024
I have been with team MBP for around four years and have recently switched from the PERFORM programme to the Strong Runners Blueprint after securing a spot in the London Marathon. I am not a huge runner, and if I have ever done a running event (Hyrox or a half marathon in 2022), I have never tailored my strength training to support this. But with a marathon, I knew I would have to alter my training to ensure I was training optimally and hopefully prevent injuries. I knew I could trust MBP to get me across that finish line last Sunday, and throughout the whole 16 weeks of marathon training, I did not have to miss one run or training session from injury. My body felt strong, and I felt confident I could complete the 26.2 miles, thanks to the programme designed by Ben and the sheer amount of informative tips and tricks he sent in the programme's group chat. Three days post-marathon, and not only do I feel pretty fresh, but I feel even more motivated to push myself further to see what I can achieve. Thank you to MBP for being a constant source of inspiration with all the amazing things Harvey, Sarah, Ben, and Luke achieve. But also, shout out to the incredible MBP community, who are also pushing the boundaries and making me want to try even harder next time!
Dom Ainsworth
15 April 2024
Having followed the Perform programme for a number of years now, I can honestly say it has completely revolutionised my training. With excellent communication from the team I understand exactly what I’m doing, but more importantly, why. The programme is progressive, modern, and provides the perfect combination of strength training, aerobic work and active recovery. I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to push their training to the next level and join an unbelievably supportive community to further boost your accountability. Get signed up now!
James Ball
2 April 2024
Great experience with Ben. Improved CV fitness dramatically while maintaining muscle mass. Great progress made, thank you MBP Team.
Charlie Jones
12 February 2024
I recently hosted a coaches seminar for myself & some local likeminded coaches. I found the seminar super immersive and impactful through the conversations had on a flexible yet still methodological approach to training. All my previous CPD's have been very strict on both conversations & take homes leaving me with a sense of tick box, one-way programming style of coaching. With the size of the group to dive deep into questions & insight into the MBP style of coaching I now feel I have cemented tools to be adaptive, responsive to what a client presents. I can't recommend Harvey and his coaches enough if you're looking to up-skill as a coach.
Kyle Faulkner
12 February 2024
Recently attended a seminar with Harvey, talking about all things coaching, programming, in session strategies etc. Can’t recommend this enough, delivery and the knowledge given throughout allowed me to take away a lot in a short amount of time. Thank you!
Annemarie Duyst
17 January 2024
A few months ago I started with MBP to train for my marathon and they made me do it! From the start they gave me the feeling that they were there for me. My goal was their goal and I’ve learned so much about training, mobility but also fuel for training and how to optimise this. I really loved working with them and I would definitely recommend them.

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