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12-week strength plan to run + perform at your best

BUILT By JD is the strength blueprint for how I have been training over the last 3 years as I entered the world of marathon and ultra running. I’ve become stronger, faster and more injury resistant thanks to the coaching team at The Movement Blueprint, and this programme is designed to help you do the same! Jonny Davies

The BUILT By JD: Powered By MBP 12-week programme harnesses the fundamental strength principles required to run and perform at your best within a HYBRID training design. If you want to increase your strength and build a physique you have full confidence in – both from a performance and aesthetic standpoint – this is the programme for you

Within this 12-week programme you will focus on building the big patterns; the RDL, Dip, Pull Up, Lunge and Squat, alongside developing progressive plyometrics, jumps and power work throughout. Each of the 3 x 4-week blocks will guide you through progressions, strength benchmark tests and will see you build new levels of performance. There is a heavy focus on targeted strength work for runners and functional bodybuilding, layered on the fundamental basics to make this programme effective, exciting and driven to push limits. Commit 12 weeks of your time, and we guarantee this programme will see you unlock levels of performance you never thought possible!

MBP have – and continue to – coach Jonny Davies with his strength work, pivotal to the incredible challenges he has and endeavours to tackle. From Run The Line back in 2023 [572km over 11 days to run the entire London Underground], to Jonny’s current project: Run The Capitals [900km over 10 days, running to all of the capital cities in the UK and Ireland]. Strength training plays a vital role within endurance sport, and Jonny is walking proof that consistently putting the hard yards in on the gym floor pays dividends, mile after mile! Stay tuned for Jonny’s ultra journey this September 2024.

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3 x 45-60 minute gym-based sessions per week
Log your weights + progress each session
Demo videos plus additional coaching tips throughout the programme
Train your way to new PBs!
The 12-week guide is yours to keep + repeat
Become a better runner + athlete
12-week strength guide

Meet The Expert Team Behind BUILT By JD

  • Harvey Lawton

    Founder of The Movement Blueprint, Hybrid Athlete & Pioneer Of New Age Training For Endurance Athletes.

  • Jonny Davies

    Endurance Runner, Athlete & Founder of Scrambled Legs Run Club.