Cycling Foundations

Are you looking to become a stronger cyclist? Do you regularly hammer the kilometres but neglect any form of strength training? Cycling Foundations is the ultimate mobility and strength training guide for cyclists, guaranteed to see you build power, speed efficiency and resilience on the bike.


Whether you’re relatively new to cycling, are looking for ways to bolster your performance or are training for a race, Cycling Foundations is designed to see you ride stronger for longer. The programme will help you improve your position, stability and endurance in the saddle and ensure there are no weak links hindering your performance!

BUILD A RESILIENT FRAME you can rely on every ride

Mobility and strength are key components for any cyclist looking to perform week in, week out. Although low impact, the nature of cycling poses prolonged flexed positions through our hips and spine, which can have substantial mechanical implications if not properly addressed. Cycling Foundations will see you train joint function and specific movement patterns at the foot, ankle, knee and hip, ensuring you’re continually fit and strong to cycle.


App-based training at your fingertips
3 x 30-45 minute training sessions per week to implement around your cycling
Bonus pre-ride activations and recovery flows
Video demos of every exercise included
The programme is yours for life!
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