The Ultimate HYBRID Training Programme

Feel game ready year-round! Develop your strength, performance and endurance with PERFORM’s advanced training.

The PERFORM programme is a full body gym-based training plan, built around the big patterns. It’s designed to see you push your performance to new heights, whilst simultaneously increasing your body’s resilience – fundamental if you want to keep training hard long into the future, and ensure no weak links in your chain.

With 4 main strength sessions plus 1 aerobic session each week, PERFORM will keep you engaged, progressing and training smart. Every session is designed to be completed within 60-75 minutes, and is suitable to complete in any standard gym.

PERFORM is delivered via our bespoke training app. Your workouts will be delivered to you each day, where you’ll be able to log your weights and progress, before letting the team know how you got on via the community chat group! If you miss a session, you’ll be able to scroll back and complete this anytime.

PERFORM is an advanced training programme, requiring both experience and a good understanding of training principles. The programme is developed around the big patterns, requiring competence to perform the following movement patterns; hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull and carry.

If you are looking for a performance-driven training plan that ensures you feel game ready all year round – PERFORM is for you.

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5 x 60-75-minute sessions/week (4 x strength + 1 x aerobic)
Log your weights and progress each session
Demo videos plus additional coaching tips
Supportive and social online community group
Option to see where you stack up on our leaderboard
Join hundreds globally
+ become the highest performing athlete you can be
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