CROSSFIT CHANIA Education Seminar

An immersive workshop for the CrossFit Chania coaching team, as well as external coaches who travelled from all areas of Crete.

The seminar covered various corrective principles to support the demands of CrossFit, as well as serve the needs of CrossFit Chania’s SGPT and 1-1 clientele. It was inspiring to see this group of highly skilled coaches partake in the session in their second language.

Client Assessments:
How To Effectively Screen Clients & Integrate Into Coaching


The Principles Of Movement & Joint Function:
How To Integrate Into SGPT & 1-1 Settings For Effective Results


Common Injury Sites & Correctives:
How To Help Clients Train Out Of Pain


Stability Vs Strength:
How To Integrate Corrective Protocols Into ‘Normal’ Training

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Theoretical Learning

Within the seminar we covered how to break down the assessment process and how to integrate findings into a training-centric programme.

Practical Application

Through practical break out segments, we explored how we can allow clients to thrive through changes in set up, exercise selection and exercise intent. Within a CrossFit setting, we looked at how to pinpoint issues and manage injuries to get people back to the sport as efficiently as possible.

Global Network

It was fantastic to meet coaches from all parts of Crete – all experts in their craft looking to enhance their practice to best serve the clients they coach. Attendees travelled far and wide to attend, testament to their dedication.