Exclusive Opportunity For SGPT Facilities & GYMS

The Movement Blueprint are passionate about redefining personal training and group coaching on the gym floor and we are ready to teach you how to implement high-level training systems that will bring you and your clients unrivalled success.
The success of any fitness business is underpinned by the level of coaching delivered to its members. As members become more educated with increasingly varied training goals, and with loyalty heavily influenced by superior choice in a highly competitive market, outdated practices or knowledge gaps will simply see you fall behind. Want to ensure you and your team start 2024 on the front foot?  This is your opportunity to get ahead of the curve, gain confidence in your business tools and to invest in the advancement of yourself and team.
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Who Should Apply?

  • You want to upskill and develop your team in order to yield greater coaching confidence, better results and increase your client retention.
  • You want your business to deliver effective coaching that nurtures clients, breeds compliance and generates referrals.
  • You want to reinforce or bridge knowledge gaps within your coaching team to better serve existing members, and be equipped to serve new members.
  • You want to remain at the forefront of the industry with knowledge around key pillars such as training to run, training for Hyrox, dealing with injuries and being able to consistently deliver results-driven coaching.

Finer Details

  • This opportunity is open to coaching facilities and teams of all sizes
  • 2-3 hour seminar held on a mutually agreed date
  • Together we’ll build a unique seminar that truly benefits your coaching team – this is an immersive coaching experience tailored specifically for your gym, your members and your business model

How To Apply

  • We have limited dates remaining for 2024 – places will be offered on a first come, first served basis
  • Apply now via the form below – once submitted you will receive a response within 24 hours with more details, pricing and all of the information you need to secure your Education Seminar with The Movement Blueprint.

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