The Movement Blueprint are passionate about redefining personal training and group coaching on the gym floor and we regularly deliver Education Seminars for all-size coaching teams and facilities – from SGPT studios to global Health Club chains.

We offer pioneering education for businesses looking to invest in the advancement of their teams, and pride ourselves on shaping each Education Seminar to the individual needs of the team, clientele and business model at hand.

All seminars can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the group.


Movement Optimisation:
Mobility / Corrective Strategies
Training Stimulus – Appropriate Design & Selection
Cardiovascular System Development: Corrective / Structural / Health-First


Training Out Of Pain:
Effective Solutions Within The Injury Rehabilitation Phase
Pain To Performance – Strategies To Unlock Success For Your Clients
Importance Of VO2 & Building Aerobic Fitness Within The Rehabilitation Phase
Mapping Out Appropriate Return To Performance Strategies


Strength Training For Runners
Tolerance – What’s Needed
Training Volume Vs Run Volume

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Square One PT

After working with founders Emma and James to dive into their specific coaching model and class offering, we devised an agenda for the seminar that best served the needs of their coaching team. Within the workshop we covered everything from programme design and exercise set up/selection, to periodisation across their coaching calendar.


An intimate seminar with the team at Charlie Jones Personal Training, as well as external coaches looking to advance their coaching practice. Within the workshop we covered all things programme design and application within an SGPT setting, diving into specific case studies for the clientele at hand.



Perform X

It was a privilege to have been invited to speak at PERFORM X LIVE, sharing my views on In-Person vs Online Coaching, and what I believe determines success in the online space. A great weekend connecting with so many coaches and industry peers – both those within the MBP community and the wider fitness industry. A connected industry has the power to bring about positive change.

Virgin Active

A great workshop with the team at Virgin Active [Mansion House, London], taking their coaches through the principles of movement assessments and corrective exercise. Following plenty of practical work, we then looked at how to integrate findings to best serve the clientele at hand.


This seminar was designed to encourage greater observation and awareness of findings during practical breakouts, enabling the team at SIX3NINE to develop their coaching toolbox and drive positive change with their clients.

Gymnasium CrossFit

In this seminar we covered various corrective principles to support the demands of CrossFit, as well as serve the needs of Gymnasium’s clientele. We used practical breakout sessions and client-specific case studies to encourage the team to feel both equipped and confident in their coaching practice.

The Body Studio

A practical workshop at The Body Studio designed to develop knowledge and practical application of corrective exercise and injury rehab. In this seminar we looked at the mobility and stability requirements of different movements, as well as how best to integrate correctives into training to ensure the client remains engaged.


Lululemon Series

A series of interactive workshops in partnership with lululemon. We delivered 4 practically-led sessions covering the following;

Training For Performance – How to structure workouts effectively and balancing want vs. need.
Running Foundations – Run-specific strength requirements, injury prevention and how to train to improve running performance.
Corrective Exercise – Exploring the integration of correctives into training
Back Pain – Contributing factors, joint function including spinal segmentation, dissociation and specific strength work.

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    Kyle Faulkner [Founder of Fitness Coach Kyle]
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    Lewis Hudd [ERI @ Ministry of Defence]
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